Why We Created Wail
In a world of diverse interests and evolving genres, the cultural fabric of society is woven with threads of music, art, and gatherings that celebrate the unconventional and the extraordinary. It was with this profound understanding that we set out to create Wail, a platform that pulsates with the heartbeat of independent, grassroots, and underground events. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to bridge the gap between niche music, passionate fans, and the events that deserve to shine.
Accelerating Innovation: Wail's Success in Music Tech Accelerators
Wail's evolution has been supported by the guidance of esteemed music tech accelerators. We began with Music Tech Europe Academy in Milan, Italy followed by Music WorX in Hamburg, Germany and continued with our participation in the Culttech Accelerator in Vienna, Austria . These opportunities highlighted the significance of our mission. With sincere appreciation, we remain focused in our mission to fuse music and technology to innovate event experiences.
What Wail Stands For
  • 1. Unveiling the Hidden Gems
    We believe that beneath the surface of mainstream entertainment lies a realm of creativity that deserves to be celebrated. Wail is committed to unearthing the hidden gems of the artistic world, providing a space where independent artists and grassroots events can thrive
  • 2. Empowering Fans
    We think that every fan is a curator in their own right, possessing a unique and finely-tuned taste that often resonates in their circle of friends. Wail empowers fans to actively participate in the discovery process, creating a community where fans becomes the human touch for recommending events.
  • 3. Connecting Communities
    Wail is more than a platform, it's a channel that connects communities of like-minded individuals who seek out the experiences that go beyond the ordinary.
  • 4. Amplifying Authenticity
    With a team born from the heart of the music and event scene, Wail understands the value of authenticity. Founders Johan and Magnus bring their deep-rooted experience in event promotion, serial entrepreneurship, and global networking to amplify the essence of genuine artistry. At Wail, we're driven by a shared passion for the extraordinary, and we're on a journey to amplify the voices that might otherwise be drowned out. With "Discovery, socials and tickets for independent, grassroots and underground events" as our guiding slogan, we invite you to join us in celebrating the diverse tapestry of human creativity that Wail brings to life.
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