How we're different
Connect to a vibrant event discovery and fan ecosystem. Ticketing and Guestlist included.
Effortless Ticketing
Streamlined and user-friendly for a hassle-free experience
  • Fan-to-Fan Recommendations
    Trusted recommendations from fellow fans.
  • Seamless Sharing
    Easily share events with friends and family.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
    Convenient, secure payment options for fan peace of mind.
AI Scanner
Unlock the underground with the power of event scanning
Effortless Event Discovery
Fans can scan event posters, flyers, and social media posts, instantly accessing all event details, making event discovery a breeze.
Enhance Fan Engagement
Our scanner ensures your events never go unnoticed.
Simplify Event Promotion
With the scanner, adding your events to our platform is fast and easy, so you can focus on what matters.
User-Driven Event Discovery
Get into the local scene together with your audience
  • Increase Event Visibility
    Add your events to our platform and tap into a community of superfans and music ambassadors.
  • Create credibility with your audience
    user-driven content is proven to create more conversions
Fan-to-Fan Marketing
Connect with your fans by building stronger communities
  • Grow Your Following
    Watch as fans become advocates for your events, amplifying reach and loyalty organically.
  • Personalize Recommendations
    Peer-to-peer recommendations on our platform
  • Build Vibrant Communities
    Our user-driven event discovery ensures your events reach genuinely interested people, cultivate brand loyalty through fan interactions.
users scan events and buy tickets within seconds using wail
Better Outreach
Effortless Event Promotion
  • Promotion Efficiency
    Streamline event promotion with Wail's efficient marketing solutions.
  • Time and Resource Savings
    Save valuable time and resources compared to traditional promotion methods.
Let's work together
Whether you're a venue, promoter, festival or collective, we're your partners on the music scene. Together, we'll elevate your events to new heights and help grow your communities.